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Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology


TheB.sc CSIT programme was started in 2069 B.S as first batch of such kind withonly 6 students. The department has been growing in the terms of space, hardware, software and manpower. Science and Technology faculty has been strugglingfor its existence since the establishment of Far Western University. Howeverdedicated teacher, staff and students collectively working for the stabilityand prosperity of faculty. The CSIT programme was established as separate CSITdepartment in end of 2074 BS.

The  bachelors of Science in computer Science and Information Technology(B.Sc. CSIT) is a 4 year semester course of Far Western Universitydesigned to provide   the students with all sorts of knowledge in thefield of computer science and information technology. The programme involveslectures, tutorials along with great deal of practical and project works. Thedesign and implementation of B.Sc. CSTI course offers new challenges when  compared to the traditional computing environment.The recent emergence of global business, new technologies for dataprocessing and data communication/networking environment, equip specializedcomputer science graduates to focus on professional careers in informationtechnology.